The diverse range of equipment that we have in house enables us to be flexible while renting our equipment services. With such flexibility we can afford to guarantee you with on time pick ups, precise billing statements and prompt delivery. The rental service encompasses a broad range of technical kit from camera set ups to a television production units.

Individual tools can also be rented with professional operators. Our aim is to ensure that you run your production as smooth as possible and therefore realize your goal with rich dividends. We pride ourselves in working hard to offer the right people, technology and solutions as per the needs of the assignment at hand and the budget available.

Special Lens attachment

  • Letus Ultimate cine look lenses with 24mm and 500 mm Nikon lenses.
  • (Can be attached on your sony z7 camera to give you a film look and depth of field for the camera.)
  • Fujinon A13, A22
  • Canon H J11, HJ 20, J9, J11, J20


  • Sennheiser mics – ME 66, MKH 416, 500 series
  • Shure FP 33 field mixers
  • SQN 4S field mixers


  • Sony PVW-2800 Beta Recorder
  • Sony PVW-2800 Beta Recorder
  • Sony PVW-2600 Beta Player
  • Sony HVR M15J HVD/DV/DVCAM Recorder
  • Sony DSR-45P DV/DVCAM Recorder
  • Sony DSR-11 DV/DVCAM Recorder
  • Wide angle adaptors for Sony HVR Z1P / PD 150 / PD 170 cameras


  • HMI – 1.2KW, 2.5 KW and 4 KW
  • Solar – 2KW and 5 KW
  • Baby – 1KW
  • Porta kit

Trolleys and Cranes

  • Camera trolley – Straight / Round
  • Crane – 12Ft. and 24 Ft.
  • Jimmy Jib Remote crane